Employers Rushing To Install COVID Employee Screening, Vaccine and Testing Programs

Employers Rushing To Install COVID Employee Screening, Vaccine and Testing Programs

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By Press Release | Dec 27, 2021


Press Release

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Employers rushing to install COVID employee screening, vaccine and testing programs after OSHA’s recent announcement following the ruling from the Sixth Court of Appeals. Employers recognize ruling may be overturned, again, although with MedExpert's  three-month contract period option, employers seek to be prepared for February 9th, 2022 start.


MedExpert has supported employers throughout the legislative changes surrounding COVID-19 since 2020. “Our COVID solution aims to dramatically reduce the amount of time employers spend thinking about or dealing with COVID,” states Maryann Mason, SVP, Medical Informatics. When asked why MedExpert is becoming a solution of choice, Mason stated, “MedExpert is flexible, informative, easy, and, importantly, employers prefer this tool because MedExpert compliantly stores the vaccine card details and testing results. MedExpert’s integrated environment notifies clients if their attention is necessary instead of requiring clients to manage the process and keeping pace with all the legislative changes. Of course, if audited by OSHA under the ETS, clients can immediately “break glass” and download a packaged response to the audit inquiry.”

MedExpert’s COVID tool has been managing clients with COVID-19 compliance solutions since California passed COVID reporting requirements in December of 2020.

The MedExpert VaxNavigator was designed to alleviate the COVID burden placed on employers. Many workers are now strategizing how to safely and compliantly return to the workplace in 2022. Employer Human Resource departments are already stretched thin managing on site and remote hybrid work situation. MedExpert’s customizable tool seamlessly integrates and tracks and worksites and remote workers and assumes the responsibility for navigating the ever-changing landscape.

“The rapid spread of the Omicron variant coupled with new legislative requirements have impacted businesses differently. When supported by MedExpert’s VaxNavigator, employers can remain compliant and employers should feel comfortable returning their employees to work," says Mason.