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Trust MedExpert to manage COVID compliance

VAXNavigator, a complete compliance solution for the COVID-19 crisis is available at no cost to small businesses.

MedExpert meets all state and federal requirements & provides for notification customization that will work for your community.

Our package includes administrative support, hot spot tracking, notification and recordkeeping in a single easy to use tool.

  • Input your Worksites & Employee roster to set up your notification system.
  • When alerted to a COVID-19 exposure, as Adminstrator you input the event, we take care of the rest.
  • MedExpert intelligently releases notifications to reduce confusion.
  • As policies shift MedExpert will adjust process to match.

MedExpert COVID-19 Compliance Solutions

Administrative Notification System

A network that maintains compliance by seamlessly notifying your employees & vendors, about possible COVID-19 exposures at the workplace.

This tool streamlines compliance with changing CDC guidelines. 


Employee & Subcontractor Daily QR Tool

A precise tool which permits those who arrive on site to report temperature, attest to absense of COVID-19 symptoms & increase the reach of the admin notification system.

Employee COVID Communication Portal

A tool which enables employees to self-report COVID exposures, symptoms, tests and review their potential exposure notices.

By combining this with the Administrative Notification System, the reporting burden is shifted from the Management to Employees

MedExpert COVID-19 Compliance Solution Details

Administrative Notification System

This package will integrate with your existing processes. Your trusted staff  will be designated as administrative users within MedExpert’s system. The administrative users will:


  • Add & Remove Employees
  • Send HIPAA and HITECH compliant notification to employees that conform to the requirements set forth by CA AB685 & Cal/OSHA requiring notification to employees, state, city, & county officials within specified time frame
  • Add Exposure Events
  • View dashboard reporting in the COVID-19 administrative portal.
  • Use templates for cleaning policy based on organization type.
  • Host electronic benefits information and cleaning policy to remain available in writing electronically to employees.
  • Update templates & the cleaning policy with revisions to CDC guidelines
  • Simplify processes by continuously updating policies and regulations.
  • Add & Remove Worksites
  • The ability for an administrative user to report an exposure at a workplace.
  • Administrative access to copies of all notifications and stored data entries including date/time stamped data for each notification and entry.
  • Templates for notification letters to employees, state, city, & county officials which will be updated based on changes to CDC & relevant authority regulations.
  • The ability to manage and update account settings through the portal.
  • The ability to designate administrative users and managers.
  • Host Employee Benefits & the worksite cleaning policy, ensuring availability.

Employee & Subcontractor Daily QR Tool

This package, when used in conjunction with the Administrative Notification System, will provide employers the ability to manage notifications to subcontractors and vendors with ease.

This tool can also screen employees daily to ensure a safe workplace. The tool will not add to the workload of administrative users; it is a self-help tool for contractors and employees. This package is designed for organizations with:

  • Large number of non-employee work affiliates visiting the workplace frequently
  • Primarily a remote workforce who can “check-in” if they need to go to the workplace on an irregular basis.
  • Workforce who moves frequently between worksites.
  • Wish to have employees report their temperature daily, attest they are not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, and attest they have not been in contact with a COVID-19 individual within the last 14 days as an added safeguard for the employer and employees.

Additional Features

When “scanned” with an employee’s smart phone, this QR Service will :

  1.  Provide rapid access to a MedExpert COVID-19 webapp;
  2.  Automatically identify the geographic location of the user and enable employee to a:ttest, per business rules, that they are or are not experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms;
  3. Report their temperature; and
  4. Declare they have or have not been exposed to a COVID-19 positive in the last 14 days.
  5. Additionally, we rapidly enable subcontractors & vendors to self-register when they arrive at the worksite. Their username & password are persistent subsequent visits simplifying the experience.

Customer’s patrons may register and receive notifications should there be an exposure on the date of their visit to the worksite.

The QR code identifies the workplace and, when scanned and a user logs in, an employee, subcontractor, or vendor is automatically registering data with a date time stamp pertaining to the worksite.

Employee Communication Portal

VAXNavigator further reduces the obligations of HR by letting employees supply all necessary information for COVID and all vaccination processes.

Employees will be able to log into their own portal or call MedExpert to build HepB or other vaccine systems.

Additional features include the following:

  • The ability for employees to view their information securely on their phone, tablet, or computer.
  • The ability for employees to update contact information and set personal preferences on the mode of notification receipt (SMS or email).
  • The ability for employees to attest underlying health conditions.
  • The ability for employees to access and view their historical notifications.
  • The ability to capture employee logins which can prove/verify that employees viewed and maintained access to a notice of exposure within the 24-hour exposure notification window.
  • The ability for employees to report and track their symptoms
  • The ability for employees to report & upload results from COVID-19 tests.
  • The ability for employees to update their worksite schedule.

Solution Upgrades

MedExpert assists all organizations with VAXNavigator and plug and play tools to fill needs set forth by regulations and policies. The following are additional services which can be purchased:

  • Upgrade your account with additional administrative users
  • Automatic loading of employee rosters through a secure sFTP connection
  • Verification of the status of COVID-19 tests on a per person bas
  • Securing testing locations for employees
  • Establishment of SSO connections to simplify the employee experience
  • Upgrade your account with additional worksites
  • Production of QR posters geocoded per worksite
  • Complete worksite contact tracing
  • Receipt of EDI files