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Comparison Grid Between COVID-19 and the Flu

MedExpert Science and Research By MedExpert | Mar 26, 2020

I am a young healthy adult with a professional career. I vacillate between thinking that COVID-19 is just another flu and that it is the devastating Pandemic that will destroy much of what we know. How do COVID-19 and the flu compare?

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Why is social distancing so important?

MedExpert Quick Answers By MedExpert | Mar 25, 2020

A new study published in the highly reputable medical journal Science, describes why social distancing is so important to slow the spread of COVID-19. The paper mathematically models the spread of the coronavirus within China from January 2020 to current.

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When to Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands to Stay Healthy By Center for Disease Control and Prevention | Mar 09, 2020

Hand washing is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from disease.  Learn when and how you should wash your hands to stay healthy.

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Proper Hand Washing Etiquette

Stop the Spread of Disease with Clean Hands By World Health Organization | Mar 09, 2020

Proper hand washing etiquette is often overlooked but is a vital health practice. Follow the World Health Organization’s guidelines to keep your hands clean and yourself in good health.

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Breakfast: The Power of Marketing

The Importance of Breakfast By MedExpert | Aug 12, 2019

A variety of new published research questions whether breakfast has become obsolete? Is it even healthy anymore? Well the answer might surprise you.

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